What's on and information guide about Chinese opera listings on Beijing Theatres, including the Beijing Opera, modern Peking Opera, Yue Opera, Kunqu Opera, Sichuan Opera and more.

Classical Beijing Opera Show at Huguang Guild Hall

Classical Beijing Opera Show

Info: When evening comes, visitors will gather at the old-style stage, drinking bowl tea, listening to authentic Beijing Opera and having a feel of the Beijing citizens.

Peking Opera Highlights Show at Liyuan Theatre

Peking Opera Highlights Show

Info: As one of the most prestigious performance venue in Beijing. The Liyuan Theatre presents daily evening traditional Peking Opera excerpts designed in programmes for foreign audiences.

Mei Lanfang Classics at Zhengyici Theatre

Mei Lanfang Classics Peking Opera

Info: Five highlights from Mei Lanfang's classical works, an unique experience you never have in 90 minutes a panorama of Peking Opera, a great pleasure as yesterday once more.

Kunqu Opera - The Peony Pavilion at Imperial Granary

Kunqu Opera - The Peony Pavilion

Info: The Peony Pavilion - A elegant Kunqu opera in terms of music, recitation, and the performers' movement. It is foremost acclaimed as 'watermill song' because of soft arias and graceful movement of performers.

Modern Peking Opera - Forbidden Love

Modern Peking Opera - Forbidden Love

Info: The Legend of White Snake, The plot is essentially an adaptation of Song dynasty folktale from Chinese mythology ''Madame White Snake'', an interesting story with innovative stage design.

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