Beijing Theatres Guide

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Beijing National Grand Theatre

National Grand Theatre

The great important theatre off the Tiananmen Square, futuristic design with large open space, water, trees...

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Beijing Tianqiao Performing Arts Center

Tianqiao Performing Arts Center

A comprehensive modern theater complex opened in 2015. the Center has four venues...

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Beijing Poly Theatre

Poly Theatre

Located in the Beijing Poly Plaza, Its famed for its first-class service and top-notch performances...

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Beijing Century Theatre

Century Theatre

Presenting larger-scale opera, modern drama, and ballet while providing the advanced sounding equipment...

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Beijing Chao Yang Theatre

Chao Yang Theatre

If you aspire of watching the Chinese acrobatic performance then Chaoyang Theatre is the best place for you...

Acrobatics, 11 images

Beijing Huguang Guild Hall

Huguang Guild Hall

Built in 1807, the grand wooden theatre is well remains of the original buildings, with an antique flavor...

Beijing Opera, 11 images

Beijing Liyuan Theatre

Liyuan Theatre

Widely known for Peking Opera plays, this theatre is unparalleled service and congenial ambience...

Peking Opera, 11 images

Beijing Night Show Theatre

Night Show Theatre

The only dinner shows theatre has well integrated with luxurious artistic feast and large-scale performances...

Night Show, 2 images

Beijing Zhengyici Theatre

Zhengyici Theatre

One of the best-known Beijing opera theatres. It is also the oldest wooden stage theatres in China...

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Beijing Capital Theatre

Capital Theatre

Located in Wangfujing street, Its the main performance space for the Beijing People's Art Theater...

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Beijing Haidian Theatre

Haidian Theatre

A landmark buildings in Zhongguancun area, It's are equipped with modern facilities in which performances...

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Beijing Liu Laogen Grand Stage

Liu Laogen Grand Stage

This grand stage is perform a variety Er Ren Zhuan performance form northeast of China...

Song-and-Dance Duet, 1 image

Beijing OCT Theatre

OCT Theatre

This theatre has providing world-class operas, dances, movies and the daily unparalleled shows...

Drama, 11 images

China Puppet Theatre

China Puppet Theatre

This puppet theatre is consists of three themed theaters as well as a well-equipped kid's playground...

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Imperial Granary Beijing

Imperial Granary

An evening with Chinese Kunqu Opera - The Peony Pavilion and an excellent buffet dining experience...

Kunqu Opera, 2 images

Beijing Mei Lanfang Grand Theatre

Mei Lanfang Grand Theatre

Designed for Beijing Opera and large-scale performances, It is a fan-shaped building with a stylish steel...

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Beijing Exhibition Theatre

Exhibition Theatre

The first big-scaled, comprehensive exhibition venue with a great example of old Russian architecture...

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Beijing Changan Grand Theatre

Changan Grand Theatre

The new theatre possesses advanced stage equipment and a movable stage to support all types of performances...

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Beijing Red Theatre

Red Theatre

After the renovation, the stage facilities has been dramatically improved and specializes in Kung Fu shows...

Kung Fu Show, 11 images

Beijing Lao She Teahouse

Lao She Teahouse

One exciting cultural place at Qianmen street, It provides an antique-flavor, Beijing-styled environment...

Folk Arts, 11 images

Beijing Tiandi Theatre

Tiandi Theatre

Its also named the Heaven and Earth Theatre, a place for the performances by China Acrobatic Troupe...

Acrobatics, 11 images

China National Children's Center Theatre

China National Children's Center Theatre

One of professional Children's theatre, display Hi, Beijing acrobatic show for children & family...

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Beijing Penghao Theatre

Penghao Theatre

Rebuilt from a traditional courtyard and is equipped with professional sound and lighting systems...

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Beijing Tianqiao Theatre

Tianqiao Theatre

This 100-year-old theatre offers one of Beijing's best acrobatics performed by the Beijing Acrobatic Troupe...

Acrobatics, 11 images

Beijing China Theatre

China Theatre

This Theatre boasts a complete service system for any kinds of performance, recording and tape production...

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Beijing TNT Theatre

TNT Theatre ( Nine Theatre )

This Theatre including The Nine Theatre, Chaoyang Art Showing Hall, Phoenix Theatre and Puppet Museum...

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People's Liberation Army Opera House

People's Liberation Army Opera House

The highest standard performance place in the system of PLA...

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Nationality Culture Palace Theatre

Nationality Culture Palace Theatre

One of ten big buildings constructed to mark the 10th anniversary...

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Baguobuyi Restaurant Beijing

Baguobuyi Restaurant

Baguobuyi's two big draws - It burning hot Sichuan cuisine and nightly Chinese face changing show...

Face Changing, 11 images