Alexei Kornienko and Elena Denisova Concert

Published on Dec 26, 2016

Alexei Kornienko and Elena Denisova Concert


Genre: Musicals

Dates: Friday, April 7, 2017

Venue: Beijing Concert Hall

Prices: 30, 80, 180, 280, 480

Features: Austrian conductor and pianist Alexei Kornienko, together with his wife violinist Elena Denisova will come to China and porformed at Beijing Concert Hall on Friday April 7th, 2017.


Alexei Kornienko
Alexei Kornienko is an Austrian conductor and pianist of Russian descent. Alexei Kornienko is a co-founder of the chamber orchestra Collegium Musicum Carinthia. Together with his wife, violinist Elena Denisova, Alexei Kornienko initiated the founding of the Austrian Gustav Mahler Music Society, and the Gustav-Mahler-Ensemble was established under the Society's aegis.

Elena Denisova
Elena Denisova is an Austrian violinist and festival director of Russian descent. Elena Denisova is the founder of the Moscow National Quartet and the co-founder of the chamber orchestra "Collegium Musicum Carinthia". Together with the conductor and pianist Alexei Kornienko she founded the Gustav-Mahler-Ensemble, which among others performs at the annual "Woerthersee Classic Festival". Elena Denisova represents this festival as a director. Ultimately she functions as chairwoman of the 2001 founded association "Classic Etcetera".

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